teen suicide 'honeybee table at the butterfly feast'

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Teen Suicide is back. Enigmatic songwriter Sam Ray has returned with the announcement of his new album, honeybee table at the butterfly feast, due out August 26th from Run For Cover Records.

With honeybee table at the butterfly feast Ray offers some of the most ambitious work of his career. The sixteen song opus toggles between a wide range of sounds and styles as deftly as it tackles difficult existential ideas.

Since forming Teen Suicide in 2009, Ray has led the project through endless sonic shifts and evolutions, always leaving listeners on their toes but completely along for the ride. From scrappy lo-fi punk to bombastic post-rock to ambient soundscapes, the most consistent thing about Teen Suicide--and its various permutations, like American Pleasure Club--is Ray's intense creativity and the deeply compelling songwriting that results from it. honeybee table at the butterfly feast was written over the course of several years while Ray struggled with a mysterious respiratory illness, which made it very difficult to perform and record—and eventually led to a near death experience. Yet the album is still vibrant and wide-ranging with Ray's artistic restlessness resulting in a genre-spanning journey that finds the songwriter beginning to unpack a new phase of life.

  1. you were my star
  2. death wish
  3. get high, breathe underwater (#3)
  4. unwanted houseguest
  5. groceries
  6. i will always be in love with you (final)
  7. new strategies for telemarketing through precognitive dreams
  8. violence violence
  9. coyote (2015-2021)
  10. every time i hear your name called
  11. you can t blame me
  12. it was probably nothing but for a moment there i lost all sense of feeling.dup1 02-01
  13. all of us steady dying
  14. complaining in dreams
  15. how to disappear in america without a trace
  16. another life (bootleg)