Fury 'Birds of Paradise Trucker Hat & Promotional Poster'

Product Information //

Navy blue trucker hats feature the title screen art printed via heat transfer. Promotional posters printed on 55gsm newsprint paper in broadsheet size (approx. 18"x25"). Posters will be shipped folded.

A message from the band:

Hey now

Our video for Birds of Paradise is finally coming out of the vault. We felt there were more vital things going on at the time we were going to release this piece of work over a year ago and feel just as much that there are more vital things happening around us still. With the anniversary of Failed Entertainment upon us, we feel it’s the most opportune moment to get this out there. We are in the middle of recording a new single and it’s time to say goodbye to our last record, once and for all.

I want to thank my friend Mr. Syd Finnegan for giving his time and energy to bring his vision to life. I want to thank RFC for allowing us to make something like this. I want to thank Riley and Jerrod for taking the task to perform on screen, something I don’t think I could find the courage to do. I want to thank Tyler for helping Syd on set with any and all tasks, major and minor, as well as Cole for bringing a much needed spark during the night shoot. I want to thank Mario for his inspiration and Dylan for giving voice to the film’s much needed Greek chorus.

RFC will be making “Cast and Crew” hats and a poster for the release with proceeds going directly to Chyna Whitaker and Daunte Wright Jr.

For those who don’t feel the need for stuff and things, you can send money directly through these avenues…

@Chyna-W-1 on Venmo
$hubby98 on Cash App
janeyhill@yahoo.com on PayPal

Please subject all donation transfers as “Daunte Jr.”

We as a band have benefited from a white supremacist culture. We play music originated by Black and Brown artists and have reaped the rewards, whether that be the opportunity to record documents and have them distributed, play our music around the world or even having the platform to speak to y’all here and now. The fact is that culture of white supremacy that we benefit from is the same culture in which Daunte Wright was killed. It is not enough to give mutual aid after these killings occur, it is our collective duty to fight this culture to ensure these acts are in our past instead of our future. To those who are privileged, these horrible acts can seem like trends and in turn, so have mutual aids. The latter comes and goes for those privileged, but those who aren’t know damn well these acts aren’t trends, they are daily realities. It is our collective duty to fight to abolish the carceral state that benefits off the bodies of criminalized people. It is our collective duty to help those around us. The proceeds to these items will be going to a family who have gained in the most unfortunate circumstances international attention and our duties as humans should not cease after your purchase. There are people who need direct help right outside our front doors and I ask of you what we should continue to ask ourselves as a band, “How can I fight today?”. We all live in this world no matter the color of our skin or the funds in our wallet. We are all entrenched in this way of life. The fight is more than racism, it is a class issue and it is a humanitarian issue, and by the looks of it, we are still losing that fight. Individuals have given their lives for this fight and we have to work together to ensure that it wasn’t all for naught, to move faster than the baby steps we’ve taken, to solidify that it’s time to collectively take the leaps needed to secure the nirvana we all so rightly deserve, together.

Thank you and I hope this finds you well.

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