C. Charles Nealon 'Doomsaying (Cassette Tape)'

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Doomsaying opens a dialogue with the heavens between C Charles Nealon and angels who commune on death, eternity, love, and the end of all things — an end that, at times, feels too near. Frail guitar passages and slithering bass lines are accompanied by an electronic heartbeat that pulses with synthesizers and overdriven drum machines.

C Charles’s sound is indebted to visionaries such as Scott Walker, Rowland S. Howard, and Ryuichi Sakamoto, yet his passionate dirges refrain from mere recitation, instead chasing any final frontiers that may remain. This is end times music for the lost and lonely, staring into the night, hoping the sun never comes.

1. Oblivion
2. Moonlight
3. Holy Tears
4. The Clearing