Chubby & The Gang 'Speed Kills'

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The debut full-length from London, UK's loudest. Wall-to-wall speedy punk bordering on the recklessness of Motorhead, the single-mindedness of The Kids, the streetwise panache of Cockney Rejects, and the occasional curveball pasted in to keep us all surprised. This LP is timeless vernacular perfection peppered with misleadingly obvious displays of brashness aching their way into the hallways of surprising musical channels.

1. Chubby And The Gang Rule OK?
2. Pariah Radio
3. All Along The Uxbridge Road
4. Speed Kills
5. Can't Tell Me Nothing
6. Trouble (You Were Always On My Mind)
7. The Rise And Fall Of The Gang
8. Hold Your Breath
9. Moscow
10. Bruce Grove Bullies
11. Blue Ain't My Colour
12. Grenfell Forever
13. Union Dues (Bonus Track)