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glass beach’s debut album the first glass beach album is the first album from glass beach. That’s a good place to start, but the album’s plain & descriptive title does little to explain exactly what goes on in the hour-long adventure contained therein.

the first glass beach album was initially self-released by the band in Spring 2019, but it’s roots date back to as early as 2015 - songwriter & band leader j mclendon started demoing songs for the album when they first moved to Los Angeles & spent three years polishing those first demos into these songs with bassist Jonas Newhouse & drummer William White. On their Bandcamp page, the band describes their sound as the accumulation of jazz, new wave, synth music, and emo distorted through the lens of punk.

The songs that make up the first glass beach album are ambitious, theatrical and chaotic. Abandoning genre limitations makes glass beach’s talent for songwriting all the more apparent - mathy guitar leads, catchy drum grooves and the constant interplay of horns, synths, and even the intermittent theremin set the perfect scene for j’s stunning vocal performance, which can shift from a charming falsetto to the lead of a sing-a-long in an instant.

Run For Cover will release the first glass beach album on vinyl for the first time in early 2020. This 2xLP set features all fifteen songs pressed on color vinyl with expanded artwork.

  1. classic j dies and goes to hell part 1
  2. bedroom community
  3. (forever )
  4. bone skull
  5. neon glow
  6. cold weather
  7. calico
  8. glass beach
  9. (blood rivers)
  10. dallas
  11. (rat castle)
  12. planetarium
  13. soft!!!!!!
  14. yoshis island
  15. orchids
Pressing Information:

First Press
100 Mixed Purple & Blue Swirl Vinyl
400 Sky Blue & Ruby Red Haze Vinyl

Second Press
500 Clear with Sky, Ruby & Dark Blue Splatter

Third Press - Neon Glow Edition
100 Glow in the Dark (RFC Release Day Exclusive)
900 Neon Red

Fourth Press
2000 Purple & Blue Pinwheel

Fifth Press
2000 Ultra Clear