Hey Mercedes 'Everynight Fire Works'

Product Information //

15 years after it’s initial release, Hey Mercedes’ stunning debut Everynight Fire Works will be reissued on Run For Cover Records. Formed after the break up of Braid by Bob Nanna, Todd Bell and Damon Atkinson, Hey Mercedes’ brand of emo-influenced alternative rock has stood the test of time as a more melodic but equally-as-important companion to the members’ first band.

This special 15-Year Anniversary reissue features color vinyl, a stunning gatefold jacket, and a bonus LP including the band's The Weekend EP (never before pressed on vinyl!) & two cover songs.

1. Frowning of a Lifetime
2. Every Turn
3. A-List Actress
4. Slightest Idea
5. Eleven To Your Seven
6. Que Shiraz
7. Our Weekend Starts on Wednesday
8. Haven’t Been This Happy
9. What You’re Up Against
10. Quit
11. Let’s Go Blue
1. Save A Life
2. Everybody’s Working For the Weak
3. Wearing A Wire
4. The Promise (When in Rome Cover)
5. A Salty Salute (Guided by Voices Cover)

Pressing Information:

300 Blue/Purple Mix w/ White/Purple/Blue Splatter
300 Blue/White/Purple Mix (Hey Mercedes Tour Exclusive)
300 Purple in Clear (Newbury Comics Exclusive)
1600 Clear w/ Green/Blue/White Splatter

250 Clear Cassettes with Black Liner & Blue Imprint (Available only in RFC Webstore + from the band on tour)