Elliott Smith 'New Moon'

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Arguably the most gifted song-writer of his generation, Elliott Smith produced a large body of work that includes five solo albums, as well as From a Basement on the Hill (2004), a collection of songs completed before his death in 2003. On May 8, 2007, Kill Rock Stars will release a double CD of music by Elliott Smith entitled New Moon. The album contains 24 songs recorded between 1994-1997, a prolific time in Smith's career, when he recorded his self-titled album and Either/Or (both also released by Kill Rock Stars). Like his other work, New Moon reflects the power of Smith's ability to integrate rich, melodic music with poetic, multi-layered lyrics. Only three songs have seen prior release all on compilation most extremely limited runs.

1. Angel In The Snow
2. Talking to Mary
3. High Times
4. New Monkey
5. Looking Over My Shoulder
6. Going Nowhere
7. Riot
8. All Cleaned Out
9. First Timer
10. Go By
11. Miss Misery
12. Thirteen This Big Star
13. Georgia, Georgia
14. Whatever (Folk Song in C)
15. Big Decision
16. Placeholder
17. New Disaster
18. Seen How Things Are Hard
19. Fear City From
20. Either/Or
21. Pretty Mary K
22. Almost Over
23. See You Later
24. Half Right These