Crying 'Get Olde/ Second Wind'

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The Crying formula is simple: drench an entry-level Motown song in creamy distortion, completely flip the vocal dynamics without losing any of the juicy flavor, and squirt in a few too many twisted melodies played out of a programmed Game Boy. Mixing regal riffs and tasty beats with soft vocals, intimate lyrics (oftentimes crushingly so), and harsh but sparkling synth lines, the New York power trio strikes a stylistic balance between decades and genres, each song bearing the gifts of timelessness and formal disrespect. "Get Olde Second Wind," Crying's first Run For Cover release, works as both an anthology and a cohesive work, compiling the critically acclaimed self-released EP, "Get Olde," and its brand new, darker and danker sequel, "Second Wind."

  1. 01 Open
  2. 02 Bloom
  3. 03 Bodega Run
  4. 04 Rat Baby
  5. 05 Vacation
  6. 06 Olde World
  7. 07 ES
  8. 08 Easy Flight
  9. 09 Sick
  10. 10 Batang Killjoy
  11. 11 Emblem
  12. 12 War of Attrition
  13. 13 Close
Pressing Information:

300 Blue
500 Pink
500 White
700 Blue / Pink Starburst

Second Press
1000 Orange/Green/Pink Starburst