Various Artists 'Mixed Signals'

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Run For Cover Records' fiftieth release, "Mixed Signals," marks a special occasion for the label at a time when its impact and influence on the modern punk scene have reached unprecedented heights. "Mixed Signals" provides a snapshot of today's scene, a diverse group of talented musicians creating meaningful music and making waves throughout all comers of punk rock. The roster for "Mixed Signals" reads like a best-of, must-hear list of current independent acts, bringing together new, unreleased and exclusive songs from a list of bands who collectively have released some of the most worthwhile records of the past few years, toured the world and left an indelible impact on the many they've performed for.

  1. Killin' It
  2. Seahorses
  3. Distress Signal
  4. The M Word
  5. Irish Goodbyes
  6. Bassett St.
  7. Cursed
  8. I've Got An Idea...
  9. Texts and Tomes
  10. Coats
  11. Die Alone
  12. To The Janitor, To The King
Pressing Information:

200 Red w/ Black Circles
300 Sea Blue and Black
500 Sea Blue and White
1000 Black