Posted on August 12th, 2022
Tony Molina 'In The Fade' is out today, vinyl shipping now

Guitar pop extraordinaire Tony Molina has released his highly anticipated new album, In The Fade. Out today via Summer Shade (a new imprint from Run For Cover Records curated by Madison Woodward of Fury, Object of Affection, and many other great bands), In The Fade manages to encapsulate all of the sounds and styles from each of Molina's previous releases, and combine them all into one immensely appealing album. In just 18 minutes, the record bounces from satisfyingly crunchy power chords, to scrappy jangle, to legitimately Beatles-esque arrangements, never letting the sheer hookiness lag for even a second.

To celebrate the album's release, Molina has shared a new music video for "Burn Everyone," a cut of perfect pop set to footage of a rare live appearance last month in San Francisco.

Watch the "Burn Everyone" video via YouTube:

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Tony Molina is one of modern guitar pop's best and most unique songwriters. The Bay Area musician is serious about the craft that goes into songwriter, and not much else. Following Kill The Lights, his more pared-back 2018 full-length, Molina found that some listener reactions threw him off. "I kept hearing: 'Oh, he's maturing, he's getting into other shit, writing more mature stuff," he explains. "I thought, 'Man, that's kinda lame, no I'm not...'" In The Fade finds Molina still incorporating the delicate '60s folk rock elements from his recent work, while also returning to some of the distortion and volume of his early days. The result is an album that offers something from every phase of his catalog, almost like a Tony Molina greatest hits, except with all new songs. Very few artists can credibly evoke everything from The Beatles, to The Fastbacks, to Weezer, to Belle and Sebastian, and even fewer can do that while still sounding completely like themselves--but that's why there's only one Tony Molina.

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