Jeff Rosenstock 'WORRY.'

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Second solo release from Jeff Rosenstock on SideOneDummy Records, following We Cool? released in March 2015. Jeff is known for his musical collective Bomb The Music Industry! and DIY ska band The Arrogrant Sons of Bitches.

Jeff Rosentock normally writes about his own anxiety in the most self-deprecating way possible. For this record, however, he initially challenged himself to write songs about love, but couldn't figure out how to talk about love without addressing all the elements that try to crush it. So through talking about the uncontrollable, external stuff that's often at the root of anxiety and depression, Jeff ended up making the most important album of his career. It is socio-political in nature, covering topics from gentrification to police brutality and more. In a lot of ways WORRY. is like a nonfiction concept record about the current state of our world.