Sunny Day Real Estate 'LP2'

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Originally formed in Seattle in 1992, Sunny Day Real Estate featured Nate Mendel (bass), William Goldsmith (drums), Dan Hoerner (guitar,vocals) and Jeremy Enigk (vocals, guitar). Following the completion of a U.S. Tour to support Diary, the band’s debut album, the group headed back into the studio with Wood to record the follow-up. But during the recording sessions, internal tensions splintered Sunny Day Real Estate, resulting in a sudden break-up and the finished album being turned in to Sub Pop without a title or artwork. LP2 was released in November of 1995, by which time both Goldsmith and Mendel had joined Foo Fighters and Enigk had begun a solo career.

Sub Pop Records has reissued both Diary and the band’s second full-length album, commonly known as LP2 (or “The Pink Album” for its entirely pink cover). Both re-mastered albums include rare bonus tracks as well as newly written liner notes.

Following a more than 10-year hiatus, all four original members of pioneering Seattle rock band Sunny Day Real Estate regrouped for a 20-date US tour starting in September 2009.

1. Friday
2. Theo B
3. Red Elephant
4. 5/4
5. Waffle
6. 8
7. Iscarabaid
8. J’Nuh
9. Rodeo Jones
10. Spade and Parade (bonus track)
11. The Crow (bonus track)